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My Breastfeeding Journey: Help Is Always an Option!
May 19, 2017

I’m so excited to be opening this new chapter in my life. Besides my website’s new look, I’ve added lots of new sleep packages, plus a blog where you can read about some of the amazing mama entrepreneurs I’ve connected with lately! I’m also planning mama meet-ups soon…. Stay tuned to this site for announcements of dates and times.

When I first started New Beginnings, I was a mom of one; now I’m a mom of four! Nothing brings me more joy than being a mom to these four beautiful amazing kids of mine. Ethan, who is 8, is a sweet, loving, but strong-willed boy, and I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments and milestones in school and in sports. He’s worked hard to be a part of the Whitecaps prospect team, and I wish him all the best in his goal to become a soccer player!

As for my girls, Madeline, who is 5, is a beautiful, loving, spiritual girl who loves to dance, sing, and play soccer. She’s already learning to read, and looking forward to starting kindergarten this year. My feisty Julia is turning 3, and is full of life, love, and spunk. She’s entering pre-school soon, and I’m so excited for her, because for months she’s been crying to go to school with her siblings! Finally, she’ll get to be one of the “big kids!”

My precious Mila—you are my last, and it brings me great sadness that you are growing so quickly! You’re already 7 months old, and so sweet and loving that I just want to keep you this age forever! You have made me feel complete and I feel so blessed.

Last but not least… I want to say thank you to my husband for being so amazing and for helping me so much with our beautiful children, who keep us busy and on our toes. I would not be who I am without you—I’m truly blessed for all you are and all your help.

Creating this new site has been a great journey, and I want to thank everyone who has helped make it happen. To the The Coding Bull: thank you for all your hard work and patience in bringing my vision for the new site to life. You were truly amazing to work with! To Jen, for helping with all my editing—you have made my life easier! And for all the amazing new moms who have allowed me to be a part of their beautiful families—it’s been so rewarding to be of support to you. I look forward to meeting many more new families, and helping new moms and dads to find comfort, joy, and ease every day in raising their little ones!

I would also like to announce my new business, Etty&Roll, a fresh line of products for new moms on the go. As a busy mom myself, I always struggled to find an easy carry-all to fit my breastfeeding baby essentials. I was also looking for baby bag designs to suit my style and personality. In collaboration with a designer that specializes in pattern detailing, the Etty&Roll Mama Clutch was born!

Each uniquely patterned clutch includes a matching burpcloth, change pad, and feeding cover (with room to spare for baby needs), and each is individually detailed with cleanliness, comfort, and convenience in mind.

All Etty&Roll essentials are hand-sewn in 100% breathable cotton, carefully selected for their softness, sustainability, stain-resistance, and style. Stay tuned for the launch of this new business soon!

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