Betty is amazing! I started working with Betty when our daughter was 11 months old. I had never slept over 4 hours at a time and I was exhausted!! Our daughter only napped for 30 minutes each time and no matter how many books/websites I read, I could not get her to sleep longer. I kept on waiting for her to "consolidate her sleep on her own", but 11 months later, she still needed to be rocked to sleep and not sleeping long enough. I was getting desperate as my mat. leave was about to end and I needed more sleep to function! So I called Betty. She was amazing, non-judgmental, and super supportive. I had a sleep training plan in my hands the next night and my daughter slept through the night (from 6pm to 7:30am) the very first night! I was in shock and totally amazed!!! Betty is there for me every step of the way, every night, every nap, every question (I had a lot of questions). Sleep training with Betty is the best thing. Our daughter is now well rested and is so much happier. I feel very confident going back to work knowing that each morning, we both will be well rested and ready to conquer the world.
Betty has been such a fabulous resource for our family. Within a few weeks, she helped us get our twins onto a solid nap schedule, and had them sleeping through the night! Her hands-on approach works so well for us, and we are so grateful for all the support and advice she gives us. She is much more than a sleep coach too! She has advised us on the best baby products, gave us feeding & swaddling tips, and even gave us advice when our baby got his first cold! As first time parents, this support was so valuable. We are a more organized, happier and well-rested family because of Betty! We can't thank her enough!
Erin & Ryan
"My son was exactly three months old when we contacted Betty. We had incidentally ended up co-sleeping, although ironically neither of us was really sleeping. I was anxious to move him into his crib in his own room and knew I needed someone objective to give me the strength to make the move and to stick to it. Upon hearing Betty's calming voice the first time I called, I instantly felt like I had been 'saved' and I knew she would hold me accountable to the wishes I had expressed for my baby. We started sleep training that day and despite some bouts of crying, he slept between feeds. The reward was seeing how happy he was when he woke up the next morning: I knew with Betty's coaching, we had given him the gift of sleep. After the third day with Betty just a phone call or text away, he was on a schedule and I couldn't believe it! It was easier to keep track of feedings and diaper changes and most importantly I had time to myself when he napped and time with my husband in the evenings after bedtime. We really began to enjoy our time as a family. Fast forward a year later and we have an excellent sleeper on our hands thanks to Betty's coaching and belief in us that if we were consistent, training would work. We are forever grateful for Betty, as it has been a wonderful year and we look forward to many more to come!"
Betty changed our lives! As first time parents we had no idea what we were doing, and more importantly, what we were doing wrong! Why don't they teach you how to put your baby to sleep?! They told us we had to let our baby self sooth, but didn't tell us how. They also told us babies this young couldn't form habits. Well I now know that to be false. Our dear son did form a habit, and it was our fault. He gradually got to the point he would ONLY sleep in his swing, on high speed, burnt out a motor, and then had to be rocked by hand for 45 mins to get 20 mins of sleep. Our entire days were spent just trying to get the poor baby to sleep! He was so tired and miserable 🙁 When we finally admitted we needed help, we called Betty at New Beginnings. She came into our home and helped us teach our baby how to self sooth, in his own room, in his own crib and out of the swing! He was 2.5 months old and desperate for sleep, but just didn't know how. It took literally one nap for him to get the hang of it. I don't think that's typical, but wow was I amazed! The rest is history. Our baby thrives on a schedule. And I loved my mornings to enjoy coffee while my baby napped, I enjoyed meal prep in the afternoons while he napped, and then my husband and I enjoyed each other's conversation and company when our son went down for the night. If you're having troubles with your baby's sleep, call Betty! She saved our marriage, and our sanity haha.
Betty helped us with our sons sleep several months ago when we were having trouble leaving him to fall asleep on his own. I was hesitant to let him "cry it out" and Betty caught onto that right away and was willing to have us try the "chair method" instead. Within a few days our son was crying less and was assured that we still hadn't left him. It worked really well for us and he is now in a consistent routine that works for the whole family 🙂
As a mother of three year old twins and a sixteen month old boy, Betty's routine is what has my kids sleeping twelve hour nights and napping during the day. It is so important to follow a routine and gave structure each day. Without Betty's routine to follow this could not take place. I thank Betty for all her help each day when I first started. It can be challenging at times but with Betty's help, guidance and being strict with it, it will work. I will always continue recommending people to Betty because she is so dedicated to her clients and will help you get your kid/kids on a great routine. Thank you Betty!
Teresa Conte
As if carrying & birthing a baby wasn't enough, once our beautiful baby arrived that's when the real growing pains also surfaced. It was an "adjustment" with a steep learning curve, to say the least. I always describe the first few weeks as if a hurricane had come through our house - gone were the nights of long sleeps, sleeping in, and quiet afternoons... Until we brought in Betty. I still can't thank her enough for being our rock. She helped us with everything from breast feeding, scheduling, how to deal with crying, ques for sleepiness or hunger, and more. She was accessible 24/7 & really empathized with what we were going through. 2 babies later, and 2 self-started businesses later, we definitely are in the swing of things, and owe our sanity, rest, and happy babies all to Betty.
Barb @littledreambird
I never thought I would be the type to hire a sleep trainer but after working with Betty I'm very glad I did. I got exactly what I was hoping for, two happier babies that are sleeping through the night and having regular routined naps. The most amazing part is neither of my two little ones cries or fuses when I put them down in their crib, it's amazing. Betty helped me understand her method and how to apply it, which will also help us later with different ages. I would recommend Betty in an instant. Thank you Betty for making our babies amazing sleepers!
Betty was so wonderful at helping me become comfortable with breastfeeding. All of her advice and support both before and after my daughter was born sure made this first time breast feeder feel more confident! Betty’s attention to detail and friendly attitude made me feel comfortable and cared for. Thanks Betty!
Stewart, Jill and Elizabeth Lehmam
I would like to thank Betty for all her help, time and support she has provided my husband and I since our daughter was born. Her help in organizing the baby's room and all of her stuff, the useful tips and advice regarding various baby topics and sharing her own experiences as a mom has been very much appreciated. I am extremely grateful for her hands on approach in showing me techniques that made breastfeeding enjoyable and comfortable. She also continues to provide help and support throughout my child's development. For example, Betty spent an afternoon showing me some healthy and delicious homemade recipes for my daughter's first introduction to solid foods. Betty is a professional, caring and thoughtful person who, as you can see, loves what she does. I believe any new mom would benefit from the services that Betty provides.
Debbie and Paul Ferone
St. Anthony's School Preschool Teacher
Betty is amazing! She came into our lives and transformed it. I am not sure how we could have ever managed without her nesting our home to supporting my wife with breastfeeding. She got our daughter on a sleeping and eating schedule in just a few days. As new parents we were lost so many times in hectic moments, but Betty’s knowledge, understanding and caring support she made daunting tasks easier. Having Betty around was the best gift we could have ever given our selves and our daughter. Thank you Betty for all your guidance and support.
Nelson & Sharon Batista
West Coast Rock & Waterfalls Company

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